Traditional herbal healer 3

Name : Mr. K. Balasubramanibala

District & State :  Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

Category : Herbal products

Award :   Appreciation

Award Function :   3rd National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2005

Innovation Description

kbalasurabaniMr. K. Balasubramani hails from Vedasanthoor, Dindigul in Tamil Nadu. He is a Sidha Doctor. He is 33 years old. Balasubramani got a certificate of “Sidha Maruthuva Pandit” from Sidha Maruthuva Gurukulam at Madurai. He uses the parts of various plants and herbs to treat a variety of illnesses such as skin diseases, Leucorrhoea, cough and he has also got antidotes for poison as well as remedies for pimples and a solution for growing thick, black hair. He has been successfully treating patients based on his 10 years of experience in Naturopathy medicine.

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