Traditional Livestock Healer 1

Name : Rasulbhai Musebhai Vhorarasulbhai

District & State :  Surendranagar, Gujarat

Category : Utility

Award :   Appreciation

Award Function :   3rd National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2005

Innovation Description

04caf3088005c49d2731e2ec5d0d29b2-1084_340x180Rasulbhai Musebhai Vhora (45) is fully engaged in farming. He was born and brought up in Jenabad, Surendranagar in Gujarat. He leaves in a joint family with his sons. An enthusiastic person, he has always been keen to learn new things.

He relates that he had learnt all these veterinary medicines and treatment from a Sindhi trader, who used to come to his village for selling bullock and other cattle. He was 20 years, when he learnt these practices. He has been practicing for the last 25 years. Due to his knowledge and successful handling of cases, he is widely known in the surrounding 40-45 villages. Of particular significance is his selflessness- he never charges even a single penny from anyone.

Post delivery- Excess bleeding from Vagina

After delivery when excess bleeding occurs, the animal becomes weak. It starts shivering, and remains lying down. To treat this, leaves of kanther (Capparis sepiaria) (500 g) are crushed and the juice is extracted. To this Sakar (Mishri – a form of sugar) (500 g) and water (500 ml) is added. This solution is then drenched to the animal and it gives instant relief. Continuation of this practice for three to four days, cures the animal completely and it regains its energy.


For treating inflammation due to some external injury, a paste is prepared using jaggery and fresh fruits of Bhoy Ringani (Solanum xanthocarpum). This paste is applied on the inflammation.

Retention of Placenta

When the problem of retention of placenta occurs, a decoction is made from the whole plant of Sangetara (Crotalaria burhia). For this Sangetara (Crotalaria burhia) (500 g) is taken and water (2 litres) is added and this is boiled until it’s reduced to one litre. This decoction is filtered and drenched to the animal. This practice expels out the placenta within an hour of administration.

Yoke gall

For treating the wounds due to the yoke on bullocks, Rasulbhai chews the roots of berry (Zizyphus mauritiana) and spits on the affected part and the wound heals.

Diarrhoea or blood in the excreta

When the animal is suffering from diarrhoea or there is blood in its excreta, he takes leaves of Nani Gundi (Cordia gharaf) (200 g) and extracts the juice from it and adds Sakar (100 g). This solution is drenched to the animal with water, twice a day resulting in a complete cure within three to four days (results may vary with severity of problem).


When the animal doesn’t come into heat, he uses seeds of Bhilama (Semecarpus anacardium-marking Nuts) (seven in number), crushes them and gives it along with the feed to the animal. This brings the animal instantly into heat and he claims that he has never required repeating this practice more than twice.

Prolapsed Uterus

First of all he washes the uterus with alum solution, and then pushes it back carefully such that the uterus is relocated properly. He burns equal amount of pearl millet hay and Gundi (Cordia myxa) leaves. The ash of this is mixed with water and drenched to the animal after replacing the uterus.

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