Device for data management to enhance cellular efficiency in rural areas

Sayan ChaudharyName : Sayan Chaudhary
District & State : Delhi, Delhi
Award : ignite
Award Function : IGNITE 2016 Awards
Award Year : 2016

Innovation Description

The idea struck him when he was designing a human settlement in space which needed internet. While planning, he realised that it may not be possible to download information from earth every time in space, which made him develop a caching mechanism. This mechanism may also be used for rural areas, where a reliable cellular connection is not present. So, each village can have an active cache which can store pages that are required, from the internet. If someone has to access something new, it submits a request to the local server. Once the server is upgraded after taking it to the city, the information is updated and made available to the users. Moreover, when users go to the city, their phones get some information that is fed into the server. So, everyone feeds information into the server and downloads each other’s information. Until proper internet connectivity reaches villages, this could make the World Wide Web with a sort of lag more accessible to the poor. Essentially, everyone can contribute to a local internet by detached uploading and downloading. So, even without a cellular connection, people will be able to get information. This makes the internet more accessible since the satellite is not being used every time.

Device for data management to enhance cellular efficiency in rural areas

This cheap, effective and detached method is foolproof and can bring an information revolution in many villages across the country. Sayan believes that technology will shape our future. He wants to develop new products as an entrepreneur and change the world for better, in his own small way

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