Trivia Game

Trivia Game

  1. A trademark should be renewed after every __ years?




2. Which of the following sign is used for registered trademark

3.  Is it mandatory to register a Copyright?



4. What is the term of a patent in India?

10 years

    30 years

   20 years

   15 years

5. Which of the following is patentable subject matter?

    Mere Discovery of a scientific principle

    Substance obtained by mere admixture

    Method of Agriculture and horticulture

    Computer program.

6. Can smell of a product be registered as Trademark?



7. A registered trademark identifies___?

    Copies or fakes made by someone else.

   Goods of the owner.

8. Stylized letter “M” written in yellow colour under maroon box is a registered trademark of

 Hamburger fast food restaurants.

 coffeehouse chain

 Internet-related services and products

9. The sign © signifies?

Work of a renowned author.

Copyrighted work.

10. Intellectual property includes –





Geographical Indication

All of above.


Answer Key


  1. b
  2. b
  3. a
  4. c
  5. d
  6. a
  7. b
  8. a
  9. b
  10. f