Pedal-operated vegetable-cutting machine

Dhanurjaya DehuryName : Dhanurjaya Dehury
District & State : Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Award : ignite
Award Function : IGNITE 2016 Awards
Award Year : 2016

Innovation Description

“My elder cousin is a tailor by profession. Many a times, she gets late for work in the process of preparing food,” says Dhanurjaya. He realised that the reason behind her being late is the long time taken in chopping vegetables. He replaced the needle of the tailoring machine with a knife or a cutter.

Pedal-operated vegetable-cutting machine

This improvement can be used where a large amount of food is prepared on a daily basis (for example in a joint family, canteen, temples or marriages, etc.) This machine would be cost-effective and help minimise drudgery, adds Dhanurjaya.

Dhanurjaya believes in working for the betterment of the society and is inspired by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. He wants to become a scientist and his hobbies include drawing and playing flute.

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