Proximity alert system in non-transparent doors

Sayan SainName : Sayan Sain
District & State : Kolkata, West Bengal
Award : ignite
Award Function : IGNITE 2016 Awards
Award Year : 2016

Innovation Description

Sayan quotes Dr A P J Abdul Kalam: “All birds find shelter during a rain. But, eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common but attitude makes the difference.”
Sayan is interested in pursuing medical science research to invent low-cost medicines for critical diseases and wants to become a doctor. He plays the guitar, violin and the synthesizer and is learning to paint.

Proximity alert system in non-transparent doors

“One day, while getting ready for school, I suddenly opened the door of my father’s room who was coincidentally standing behind the door. He was hit but fortunately the injury was not severe,” recalls Sayan. After this incident, he started thinking about how such incidents can be prevented from happening. This led him to the idea of an alarm/sensing system that can sense any physical presence on the other side of the door and give indication to the person opening the door. Once he successfully experiments this idea at home, he plans to contact concerned authorities to implement this in schools and offices.

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