Device to assist blind people board bus

Name : Ankit Singh3422Ankit-Singh

District & State :  Banglore Rural, Karnataka

Award :   ignite

Award Function :   IGNITE 2017 Awards

Award Year : 2017

Innovation Description

5-device-to-assist-blind-peUsing this device not only the visually challenged person gets an alert when a bus is approaching but also the driver of the bus gets a signal that a visually challenged person is waiting to board the bus, hence he can then stop the bus a bit longer ensuring that the person has boarded the bus properly.

Ankit has a lot of interest in quizzes and has participated in many inter-school quizzes. He is also regular participants in debates and extempore and has won many prizes as well. He also plays football and cricket and pursues studies on astronomy, which he plans to take up as a career later.

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