Nail polish which indicates drugs/alcohol in drinks to prevent molestation

Name : Golakh Mohapatra, Siba Prasad SatapathyNail polish which indicates drugs

District & State :  Khurda, Orissa

Award :   ignite

Award Function :   IGNITE 2017 Awards

Award Year : 2017

Innovation Description

17_nail-polish-with-indicatSometimes miscreants mix intoxicants in drinks and serve them to ladies to molest them. Golakh and Siba have thought of an idea of mixing a drug/intoxicant indicator in a nail polish so that when a lady dips her nail in the drink, a colour change of the nail polish would indicate the presence of the said drug/intoxicant.

Golakh likes to dance, paint, watch Hollywood movies and play football and wants to be an engineer and serve the Indian Army. Siba Prasad likes music and plays guitar. He wants to become a scientist and develop useful machines for the people.

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