Herbal Medication for Epilepsy

Name : Sabzar Ahmad Wani266847-sabzar-ahmed-wani

District & State :  Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   9th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2017

Innovator Profile

Sabzar Ahmad Wani (50) a herbal practitioner by profession, has been practicing herbal medication since an early age. One of the herbal practices, he has knowledge of, pertains to the treatment of epilepsy, which has been found to be unique and promising after some validation trials.

His father was a well known and renowned herbal healer of the area for many human health ailments like fever, male and female infertility, diabetes, etc. Patients from surrounding villages as well as from various nearby towns used to visit him looking for cure and getting his medications. Sabzar was quite attached to his father and as a child used to accompany him on his visits to nearby forests to collect herbs. He also used to observe and sometimes help his father in preparation and administration of medications. This helped him to understand and learn the uses of various plants/ herbs for medicinal purposes. Among the three brothers, Sabzar was the only one to show interest and opt for the profession of his father. He claims to have knowledge of about two hundred herbal formulations, both for human and veterinary health, for curing various ailments/diseases like liver problems, obesity, constipation, diabetes, frost bite and post-delivery problems in both human and in animals. He lives with his wife and three young children.


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