Sulkhaniya Bajra- Improved Traditional Pearl Millet (Bajra) Variety

Name : Hanumanaram Jhuriya370440-Hanumanaram-Jhuriya

District & State :  Churu, Rajasthan

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   9th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2017

Innovator Profile

534340-Sulkhaniya-BajraHanumanaram (62) has been growing this Bajra for the last 40-45 years and conserving the seeds through selection. The Sulkhaniya bajra, named after his village name, is sweet, has very long and compact earheads, high yield, is drought tolerant and has high fodder yield.

Farming is the main occupation of Hanumanram and his family, which comprises his wife and five children. Out of the four hectare land the family owns, Sulkhaniya bajra is cultivated on about two hectares for seeds and rest for his40-Sulkhaniya-Bajra-2 household consumption. Hanumanaram’s forefathers have conserved this variety for the last 250-300 years. The seeds were originally provided by a spiritual guru from Bikaner some 300 years ago to his forefathers. Hanumanaram has been meticulously growing this bajra for the last four-five decades for his consumption and seed conservation. Every year at the time of harvesting, he carefully selects the best earheads for seeds to be grown next year. The grains when separated from the earheads are mixed with neem leaves and can be kept in gunny bags up to 5 years.

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