System to detect Computer Vision Syndrome, Blind navigation system with terrain mapper

Name : Vignesh R, Manoj Kumar, Raghav Simhanvignesh-&-team1-copy

District & State :  Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   Class 11th – 12th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2011 Awards

Award Year : 2011

Innovator Profile

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28System to detect Computer Vision Syndrome: Prolonged exposure of eyes to computers and television daily has given rise to many eye related problems. This particular device integrated with a computer can detect the number of eye blinks per minute. It gives an alert to consult a doctor, if the number of blinks gets reduced below a medically accepted number.

Blind navigation system with terrain mapper: This is a navigation system where shoes can map the terrain using sensors and GPS. This information is shared as thermally in specially designed gloves worn by the blind.

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