A Device for Carrying a Baseball Bat, Ball and Glove Safely On the Handlebars of a Bicycle

Austin Meggittwas nine when he invented a device for carrying a baseball bat, ball and glove safely on the handlebars of a bicycle. He received U.S. patent no. 6,029,874 in 2000.

Austin Meggittwas
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When Austin Meggitt was nine years old, he almost got into a bike accident trying to steer his bicycle while carrying his baseball bat, glove, and a ball at the same time.

There was just no safe way for a baseball-loving kid to carry his equipment while riding his bike. Meggitt solved this problem for himself and for kids everywhere when he created a solution out of standard hardware store materials. Using PVC piping along with standard grips, clamps, and bolts, Meggitt invented the Glove and Battie Caddie, a yoke that hitches to a bike’s handlebars. Kids can clip a baseball bat across the yoke, then hang a glove from its hook and store a ball in its dangling pouch. The device allows them to securely carry their gear with no impediment to the steering.

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