Soil Scrapper and Loader

Name : kuldeep Singhkuldeepji

District & State :  Mansa, Punjab

Category : Agro based food processing machinery

Award :   National

Award Function :   7th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2013

Price :   Rs. 1, 50,000/-(Ex-factory price + packaging). The price does not include transportation costs, taxes, etc.

Delivery Period : One Month

Innovation Description

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kuldeepUneven agricultural land is difficult to sow. Sometimes it also becomes important to remove extra soil, which may have deposited on the surface after rains. Resham Singh and Kuldeep Singh have independently developed machines, which could not only scrap soil and level the land but also fill tractor trailers with the scrapped soil.

The land leveler cum loader is a PTO driven rear mounted attachment of tractor which collects sand from the surface through the scrapper blade and fills it in the tractor’s trailer through a conveyor arrangement.

It consists of two conveyors which are perpendicular to each other in the plane, which is perpendicular to the plane of land. Conveyor 1 is at 55 degrees to the land while conveyor 2 is horizontal to land and is placed at output of conveyor 1. Conveyor 2 is placed around a height of six feet from land.

Sand is accumulated by the scrapper blade from the ground and collected by angles which are placed on the belt of conveyor 1. This sand is conveyed along the chain of conveyor.

2 which drops it from a height of eight feet in the trailer of the tractor moving parallelly.

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