Five Wheeled Car

Name : Manoj and Harimohan Sainiharimohan_saini

District & State :  Alwar, Rajasthan

Category : Engineering

Award :   Appreciation

Award Function :   4th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2007

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dsc08564Two young innovators, cousins Harimohan and Manoj Saini, have designed a car having five wheels with a fifth wheel in the centre on the rear axle. Power from the engine is directly transferred to the fifth central wheel while other four wheels are free. This reduces power loss and eliminates the differential on driving axle. Harimohan SainiHarimohan (21 years) is from Weir town, Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. He is the oldest of four siblings and lives with his parents, grandparents, his wife and an infant daughter. His father works in Jal Sansthan (Water supply department); one of his younger brothers works as an electrician in Jaipur while the other attends to their Public Call Office (PCO) for telephone, which they started in 2001.Harimohan left school four years ago after completing class 12. He had a keen interest in electronics, cycles and motorcycles. Like many other innovators, he had the habit of taking things apart to figure out their working principle and then reassembling them. Despite his parents? displeasure, he went ahead undeterred with the support of his equally inquisitive brothers.Manoj Saini Manoj (18 years) is a first year student of Saint Margarette College of Engineering in Alwar. He is the third eldest among four siblings. His father is as an electrician in a private healthcare company at Dharuheda. Right from childhood, he was interested in reading books with a special liking for electronics and computers books. He even did a course of engineering drawing using AUTOCAD a couple of years ago and had been teaching AUTOCAD in his brother?s computer centre (at Bhiwadi) before joining engineering college.

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