Coconut breaker and water collector, cello tape-end finder etc.

Name : Mr M S V Naiduinnova11

District & State :  Bangalore, Karnataka

Category : Agro based food processing machinery

Award :   National

Award Function :   2nd National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2002

Innovation Description

385b99d0e0febaf1c96e33057d366638-706_340x180An innovative mind has no boundaries that can stop it from coming up with new ideas. Similar is the case of Shri M.S.V.Naidu who even after retirement has not stopped innovating new things. Retired from West Coast Paper Mills in Karnataka, Mr. Naidu has 32 innovative ideas to his credit. The journey of innovations has been very difficult for the innovator, as he had to face several financial constraints. His spouse thought that he was wasting money and that nobody would appreciate his work. He had to face lot of difficulty in making prototypes and arranging for various testing facilities. But still this could not stop him from innovating things.

Few of the innovative ideas that are worth exploring are, Coconut breaking machine, searching a cello tape end and a device to repair the damaged punch holes in files.

Coconut breaker and Water collector

The innovator suggested a very simple and elegant design of the coconut breaker, which overcomes some of the problems of the conventional method. The innovator has prepared a prototype of the design. It consists of a wooden box, which has a semi-spherical cavity in it on which the coconut has to be placed. Inside this cavity resides a hard thick metal piece which has a blade embedded in the middle and whose level could be changed with the help of screws. Since the breaking of the coconut takes place in the box itself, the water gets collected in the box. It can be taken out by providing a small outlet pipe. It is a simple idea for a recurrent widespread problem.

Cello tape-end finder

Almost each one of us has spent frustrating moments searching for an end of the cello tape. And it’s not a one-time problem. It happens again and again. But still we don’t think anything about it. Mr Naidu has tried to find a solution to this. A small bead is provided on the cello tape. The bead is located on the roller by the nylon thread as shown in the sketch. It is better to provide it in the manufacturing stage itself. The device is extremely simple and highly useful.

Yet another problem. Often filed paper with punched holes gets torn, when used frequently. Sticking a cello tape of 5 mm diameter at the punched holes can solve this problem. One can manufacture cello tapes with holes of this size at prespecified intervals.

These are just a few ideas that have strong potential and can be converted into product. Thus the innovator’s zeal to innovate can solve many problems.

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