Organic Pest Control Measures

Name : Ms. Mariamma Thomasmoniamma-thomas

District & State :  Malappuram, Kerala

Category : Consumer durables

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   1st National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2001

Innovation Description

d3a415a63ffead9a9704e493a0709835-572_340x180Ms. Thomas, 40 years, hails from a farming family. She owns one and a half acre of land and a house. She manages kitchen garden in the backyard of her house where she grows cucumber, bitter gourd, chilli etc. She practices only organic and eco-friendly techniques.

The contributor is a housewife who has been growing enough vegetables in her kitchen garden.

Normally five to six feet pandals are made for creepy vegetables. This makes it easy for the creepers to grow and for us to pick the vegetables. For creepy vegetables like bitter gourds (karela) and kuluru She suggests fuming instead of insecticide sprays.

Take 1 Kg dried cow dung in an earthen pot and mix it with 15 gms of tobacco. Fume this mixture keeping the earthen pot below the vegetable canopy. The smoke is enough to kill the harmful pests. The procedure is to be repeated every week.

For treatment of insects and pests affecting grams (choli), grind 25 gms of tobacco, dilute with water and keep overnight. In the morning, mix it with a little quantity of coconut oil and soap solution and sprinkle on the leaves of choli.

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