‘CREATIO’ – 12th Annual Design Competition 2024 on the occasion of World Industrial Design Day

At present we reach out to you with reference to World Industrial Design Day celebrated globally every year on June 29. On the occasion of World Industrial Design Day, S.S. Rana & Co., through our CSR initiative, IP4Kids®, is organizing a ‘CREATIO’TM 12th Annual Design Competition 2024, to provide diaspora amongst young innovators and creators, and extend them an opportunity to showcase their ability to curate prolific designs.


The theme of World Industrial Design Day 2024 organized by World Design Organization (WDO) is Let’s Get Emotional!
The theme aims to recognize the ways in which designers can showcase their ability to leverage their emotional connection to the communities and individuals they design for, makes for, better products, services, and experiences.
On the occasion of this special day, let’s see how our creative designers can evoke emotions through their designs, inspiring individuals and communities.
Last date for SubmissionJune 29, 2024
Rules and Guidelines
• Participation in the competition is completely free of charge.
• The design submitted should be an original work of the participant and shall not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
• Entries previously sent and awarded in other Design competitions shall not be considered eligible and will face immediate disqualification.
• A participant can submit up to three designs; however separate entry has to be made for each design.
• Joint submission (only up to 2 designers) shall be acceptable.
• Design can pertain to any 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional article.
• During the competition, we would be keeping the designs of the students confidential and not publish them (in order to secure the novelty of their designs, which the students may file for design registration), so that to not destroy their novelty

The Process
• Participants are encouraged to submit different “views” of the design to give the Judges a fair idea of their creation.
• The design should be uploaded in either pdf or jpeg format, the image of the design thus submitted should not exceed 10 MB size.
• In case of a working model, the participant may upload the photographs of the same
• All entries and submissions for the Competition shall be e-mailed at info@ip4kids.in
• No physical form shall be accepted.
• The last day to submit the entry is June 29, 2024 (by 12:00 AM). Entries received after the deadline will not be eligible for the competition.
• Responsibility to comply with the guidelines and other conditions fully lies with the participants and neither S.S. Rana & Co. nor IP4Kids shall be held liable for any dispute raised by third parties.

The Judges
• All entries shall be judged by a panel of intellectual property experts and design Professionals and the winners shall be selected by a consensus of the Judges.
• Qualified design experts and judges will then select the best design following which the winners will be announced on the IP4Kids website on July 01, 2024.
• The Judges’ decision shall be final and binding on all participants.

Evaluation Criteria
Entries will be judged on the basis of:
• Aesthetics
• Visual Appeal
• Originality & innovativeness
• Clarity of the design
• Industrial Applicability

The Prize

Awards will be given for three best designs by the Judges- “Master’s Choice”
Certificate of Excellence shall be given to all Winners of the Competition and Certificate of Participation shall be given to all participants.
This is our small endeavour to raise IP awareness in India and help the grass root innovators, artisans, creators and designers to realize their true potential by providing a national platform to them.
All entries and submissions for the Competition to be sent at info@ip4kids.in
Winners will be announced at www.ip4kids.in on the occasion of World Industrial Design Day on June 29, 2024.
For more information and details of the competition, please visit us at
The Poster for the Competition is also enclosed herewith for your reference.


We are delighted to share that in our pursuit to encourage and recognize talented Indian Designers of tomorrow, we shall be assisting in filing of the First Prize Winning Design with the Indian Intellectual Property Office without any professional fees in the name of the Winner (*Only Government fees to be incurred by the applicant*).


We believe that in this fast paced and technologically advanced age, Designs and aesthetics play a significant role in amplifying the growth of any business. Considering the substance of a Design, it is imperative that these intellectually developed designs should be adequately protected under the Indian Design laws. Adequate IPR protection of designs will not only safeguard it against any misuse but will also enhance its commercial value
There are 22,698 design applications that have been filed in India in the year 2022-23, out of which 19254 designs were filed by Indian Applicants (according to the latest IPO annual report). The Design Filing Trends in India from 2018-2023 can be very well seen below and it is encouraging to see the growth of applications filled in this regard.


Source: IP Annual Report – 2022-2023

Therefore, in order to sensitize the young innovators and designers to protect their designs, we would propose the Design colleges and institutes, to incorporate Design protection as an integral part of their syllabuses and encourage their students to apply and register the design created by them during their term at the college so as to enable them to understand the procedural and the technical aspects of Design law. As part of our CSR initiative- IP4Kids® to sensitize young innovators about their IP rights, we would like to propose a possible tie up with your Design College/ Institution with the objective to raise the importance of Design and Design protection in India. Mr. Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner of S.S. Rana & Co. also had the opportunity to be the guest faculty for IPR laws at the Amity School of Design, Noida.

In pursuance of the same, we would be glad to organize pro bono sessions with your College/ Institution, whereby experts in the field of IPR from our Firm would enlighten the students on various intricacies of Design Law and as to why it is essential to protect the same. Further, in case the students any assistance in registering the designs, we would be happy to assist on a Pro bono basis, in filing and prosecuting their first designs, where they would have to only bear the Official (govt.) fee.

IP4Kids® is an initiative that works towards the sensitization of IP at a young age so that a child is more aware about his creations and protections across various avenues such as design, trademark, patent & copyright- throughout the course of his/her life. The initiative also promotes creativity and innovation in young minds and convey to them how to manage their rights over such works. We look forward to your participation.

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