Container cleanliness indicator

Name : Maidari Devimaidari-devi
District & State : East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
Award : Class 9th – 10th
Award Function : IGNITE 2016 Awards
Award Year : 2016

Innovation Description

Utensils with some residues of cleaning soap or even without any other mark makes one wash every utensil before using it after it has been lying on shelf for some time. Can one ensure that the utensils though visibly clean is actually clean.

Container cleanliness indicator

“The thought of a machine that predicts cleanliness of utensils struck me when I observed that my mother was cleaning the dishes twice to ensure that they were 100 per cent dirt-free,” recalls Maidari. Such a device would not only indicate the level of cleanliness of utensils but also reduce manual work. This is also beneficial for maintaining good health and keeping the environment safe.

Maidari believes that everyone should share their ideas for the betterment of society. Her biggest inspiration is Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and she is motivated to undertake activities for the betterment of the environment.

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