‘CREATIO’ – 10th Annual Design Competition 2022

June 3, 2022 @ 10:31 am – 11:31 am

On the occasion of World Industrial Design Day, S.S. Rana & Co., in association with IP4Kids, is organizing ‘CREATIO’, 10th Annual Design Competition, 2022.

June 29 is universally recognized as the World Industrial Design Day and the occasion aims to promote the importance of Industrial Designs by shedding light on the numerous ways through which it contributes in the improvement of economic, social, cultural and environmental factors globally. In this cyber age, design and aesthetics play an immense role in enhancing the brand value of any company and the same is evident from the fact that how some of the most breathtaking designs like the iPod, Mini Cooper and alike have reigned markets at some juncture.

S.S. Rana & Co., through their CSR initiative IP4Kids, by way of this Competition intends to provide a platform to students to share their innovation and creativity in the arena of industrial designs.

  1. ‘CREATIO’® – We invite young designers and innovators to create new designs and, with the aim to raise awareness and provides a platform for to exhibit one’s skills.
  1. Participate in CREATIO ® and get a chance to –
    1. Win recognition, acclaim and acknowledgement.
    2. Register your design with the “Indian Patent Office” and become a proud owner of an Intellectual Property Asset.

We shall assist you in filing and prosecuting the design application on a pro–bono basis (including the fee payable to the government/ IP Office).


IP4Kids World Industrial Day

  1. Rules and Guidelines –
  • Participation in the competition is completely free of charge.
  • The design submitted should be original work of the participant and shall not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
  • Entries previously sent and awarded in other Design competitions shall not be considered eligible and will face immediate disqualification.
  • A participant can submit up to three designs; however separate entry has to be made for each design.
  • Joint submission (only up to 2 designers) shall be acceptable.
  • Design can pertain to any 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional article.
  • During the competition, we would be keeping the designs of the students confidential and not publish them (in order to secure the novelty of their designs, which the students may file for design registration), so that to not destroy their novelty.
  1. The Process
  • Participants are encouraged to submit different “views” of the design to give the Judges a fair idea of their creation.
  • The design should be uploaded in either pdf or jpeg format, the image of the design thus submitted should not exceed 10 MB size.
  • In case of a working model, the participant may upload the photographs of the same.
  • All entries and submissions for the Competition shall be e-mailed at info@ip4kids.in 
  • No physical form shall be accepted.
  • The last day to submit the entry is June 27, 2022 (by 8:00 PM). Entries received after the deadline will not be eligible for the competition.
  • Responsibility to comply with the guidelines and other conditions fully lies with the participants and neither S.S. Rana & Co. nor IP4Kids shall be held liable for any dispute raised by third parties.
  1. The Judges
  • All entries shall be judged by a panel of intellectual property experts and design Professionals and the winners shall be selected by a consensus of the Judges.
  • Qualified design experts and judges will then select the best design following which the winners will be announced on the IP4Kids website on July 29, 2022.
  • The Judges’ decision shall be final and binding on all participants.
  1. Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be judged on the basis of:

  • Aesthetics
  • Visual Appeal
  • Originality & innovativeness
  • Clarity of the design
  • Industrial Applicability
  1. The Prize

Awards will be given for three best designs by the Judges- “Master’s Choice”

  • The winner, selected by the Judges, will be awarded with a “Magical Creator of the Year” award along with a cash prize of INR 3000, a certificate and assistance on a pro bono basis for getting his/her design registered with the Patent Office.
  • First and Second runner ups would be presented with INR 2000+pro bono and INR 1000 +pro bono assistance for design filing respectively along with certificates;
  • In case of a tie, the prize money would be equally distributed among the winners.
  • Other deserving participants shall also be presented with participation certificates;

This is our small endeavor to raise IP awareness in India and help the grass root innovators, artisans, creators and designers to realize their true potential by providing a national platform to them.

For further information feel free to call us at +91-11-4012 3000 or write to us at info@ip4kids.in

NOTE: The competition intends to provide a platform to the students to share their creativity in the arena of industrial designs. The decision of the Judges shall be final. The organizers of the competition reserve all rights to change the date of announcements of the results and/or the date of announcements and publication of the results. The organizers also reserve the rights to withdraw any or both categories of awards if the entries thus received do not meet the aforesaid criteria. In case of a joint entry the prize money mentioned above is to be divided among the designers, no separate recognition except certificate is to be given to the joint designers.

Notwithstanding anything, in any circumstances the aforesaid rules or any statement cannot be challenged, the organizer reserves all the rights to change or modify the rules.

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