Shoes with device to calculate time spent in physical activity and regulate TV viewing time accordingly

Name : Chhavi Duttachavi-copy

District & State :  Jalandhar, Punjab

Category : Engineering

Award :   Class 9th – 10th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2011 Awards

Award Year : 2011

Innovator Profile

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Shoes with device to calculate time spent in physical activity and regulate TV viewing time accordingly

Chhavi spends a lot of her time watching the television and her parents would constantly tell her to go outside and play instead of sitting in front of the TV. Due to their constant pressures, Chhavi thought of the idea of making shoes communicate with the TV in such a way that it regulates and monitors TV watching time to match the amount of time that has been spent outside walking or playing. She says, “This way we will also be happy and so will be our parents!” She adores her mother and says, “My mother has handled and balanced her personal and professional life very well and I wish to be like her”. Chhavi enjoys reading novels but the genre would depend on her mood. When she is in a philosophical mood she reads stories with morals, else she enjoys reading horror novels. She reads whatever she finds interesting at that time. She also likes playing both indoor games like chess, ludo, snakes and ladders, and outdoor games like cricket and leg cricket. Explaining the concept of leg cricket, which was taught to them in school, she says that they don’t use bats and the bowler uses a football instead of a cricket ball. If they manage to hit the ball with their legs it is counted as a run. She shares all her school experiences with her mother and also spends time learning how to cook from her mother. She cooks pizzas and sandwiches the best. Her favourite subject in school is biology and English. Chhavi says, “I love my parents. When I grow up my dream is to earn enough money so that I am able to take them anywhere they wish to go”. Chhavi aspires to be a dentist or a psychiatrist when she grows up and wants to help people. She says, “There is a lot of corruption in our country and I want to help the leaders like Anna Hazare to fight corruption”.

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