Bulb CFL- Remover Connector

gautham_praveen gautham_praveenGautham Praveen and Shweta Sharma,

Bulb CFL- remover connector


Handheld rod with a clutch at the grip and a clasp at the further end to hold the bulb, making it easy for anyone to change the bulb without needing a chair or a ladder for it Gautham came up with this idea when his father asked him to help him change a few bulbs of the house and not go out to play. He has been a good scholar and had secured 98.8% marks in his class 10th last year. He plays keyboard and also composes music and has a number of awards at the district/ state level. He keeps on developing various projects and participates in various science exhibitions, where his scientific temperament gets well acknowledged. He wants to be a Chartered Accountant and also wants to be remembered as a good musician. Interestingly he says that students should be multi-talented like ‘Swiss Army Knives’, which are multi-utility objects.

They are 2013 IGNITE Award recipient and the patent (5137/CHE/2013) for their invention is filed by NIF.

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