Bore Well Scanner

Name : Girish Badragondgirish

District & State :  Bangalore, Karnataka

Category : Engineering

Award :   State

Award Function :   8th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2015

Price :   Innovator offers Services and Charges are Rs. 2000 per service.

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girish-innScout: PRITVI

Water availability in the bore well is one of the major concerns to the farmers for irrigating their crops. Girish Badragond (35), an electric technician from Bijapur, has made a bore well scanner, with a number of advance features, to scan and explore the water availability in bore wells.


Though Girish hails from an agricultural family, he always had a keen interest in making electronic and electrical gadgets. His father is a farmer but also has good knowledge in repairing electronic motors and vehicles. The youngest among five siblings, Girish has had the experience of repairing electronic gadgets, film projector as he helped his father since his school days. While in class 7, he started reading Electronicfor You (EFY Magazine), which made him understand electronic circuits. He started experimentation on the circuits and in1996, he made first project of IR sensor successfully. In 2005, he collaborated with friends for aroadlightsaver project. His friends invested in the project but due to some reasons, they withdrew their support and insisted Girish to return the investment in cash, which Girish was unable to do. He had to sell all his equipment to repaythem.

This pushed him to the brink of committing suicide. However, sanity prevailed and he realized that he could still use his mind to turn around the situation he was in. With backgroundinagriculture and knowledge of electronics;hestarted thinking of providing solutions to farmers.With time, he developed many automated agriculture products namely bird repeller, energy saver devices, automated irrigation devices using mobile and solar energy, borewell scanner etc. Girish also helps and assists school/ college students in designing and assembling the electronic projects for their science and engineering project works. He got married in 2011 and has a son.

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