Puncturing Mechanism for Water Bottles

Name : Shibajyoti Choudhury, Rajashree Choudharyshiba-deb

District & State :   Rewari, Madhya Pradesh

Category : Engineering

Award :   ignite

Award Function :   IGNITE 2013 Awards

Award Year : 2013

Innovation Description

IPR Status

What’s the idea:

sud_rajshreeA stay-tab like mechanism, like the one in juice cans, at the bottom of water bottle to puncture it. This will make the bottle unusable and prevent refilling/ misuse. This idea came to the brother- sister duo while travelling in a train where they saw some children picking up used littered water bottles, refilling and reselling them. Both of them are nature lovers and have won numerous accolades, nationally and internationally, in poem writing, arts, sports and other activities. Through their creative expressions in various forms they promote green, healthy and sustainable living. While Rajashree wishes to be a green campaign crusader, Shibajyoti wants to become a cricketer and bring home the World Cup. He has even predicted the year for that, 2023!


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