Printed Paper Reclaiming Machine

Name : Aravind Gopalakrishnan5530Aravind-Gopalakrishnan

District & State :  Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Award :   Class 11th – 12th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2015 Awards

Award Year : 2015


Innovation Description

IPR Status

1950Printed-paper-reclaiming-maA lot of printed papers get wasted in offices. Arvind suggests a printer-like device, which can erase all data on a printed page fed to it, thus making it plain, and hence reusable.

One day, Aravind was trying to take printouts from the machine in hiscomputer lab. But theheating coil of the machine was not functional, because of which the printed toner particles did not stick to the paper.The paper came out so blank, that it could be reused.

This led Aravind to the idea of a machine, which could erase prints from a paper and make it reusable.

“Tons of papers are sent to the trash, every day, in offices, banks and schools. I thought that it would be better if a paper can be used again and again. And then I thought, why just the paper? Even the toner particles peeled off from the paper can be dissolved in some solvent and reused! If this idea is implemented, we can save many trees, reduce garbage, protect the environment and also save money,” says Aravind, who is passionate about designing a supercar for India.

He wants to become an automobile engineer and has won prizes for science projects, paper presentations and debate contests. His school magazine has carried many of his articles.

Aravind’s hobbies include photography, writing poems and exploring new places. “My mother, who is a teacher, is my role model. I really admire how easily she makes many friends wherever she goes,” says Aravind, whose other family members are his grandparents,his father, who is an insurance agent and an elder brother who is studying engineering.

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