Pay As You Weigh

Name : Rishab Mallick3480rishab-mallick

District & State :  Kolkata, West Bengal

Award :   Class 9th – 10th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2015 Awards

Award Year : 2015

Innovation Description

IPR Status

8917pay-as-you-weighChanging lifestyle and food habits are contributing to the rise in numbers of overweight and obese persons. Rishab has an interesting idea to check this. He says that whenever a person travels by a bus, train or air, the ticket should be obtained through an automatic ticketing system, where the fare is calculated as per the weight of the passenger and his luggage. This will ensure that the person will travel light and stay light weight as well.

“With this system, one needs to pay only as much as one weighs. The benefit of this system is that people will carry less luggage while travelling. At present, I have kept this idea limited to private air-conditioned buses but it can be applied to public buses and other modes of commuting, as well,” says Rishab, whose favourite subject is Maths.

When he is not studying for school, Rishab immerses himself in the books by Roald Dahl. Rishab’s father has a government job while his mother is a homemaker.

“When I shared this idea with friends, some of them discouraged me saying that the system may not work as people who want to carry more luggage, will have to pay more. But I am positive that this idea will motivate people to stay fit and travel light. My tuition teacher supported me a lot and my parents are really excited about the idea,” says Rishab.

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