Drawbridge Door for Trains

Name : Ram Akash1354ramakash

District & State :  Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Award :   Class 11th – 12th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2015 Awards

Award Year : 2015

Innovation Description

IPR Status

4008Drwabridge-door-for-trainConsidering how the elderly, children and the disabled find it uncomfortable to board the train with their luggage, students Ram and Nimisha have suggested the idea of a drawbridge door for trains. Conventionally, the railway station platforms are much lower in height than the train bogie’s stairs. The students have suggested that the drawbridge door, when opened onto the railway platforms, act like a ramp, thus making it easy for passengers to walk aboard the train with their luggage.

Ram Akash, who is from Kanya kumari, travels a lot by train, including the metro and local trains. During these journeys, he not only saw the difficulty that people faced while boarding the train but also observed that some passengers used to sit or stand on the steps of the moving train, which is quite dangerous.“This made me think of a drawbridge door that opened only at stations, thus making it safer,” says Ram, who likes to stay updated about the latest gadgets, watch movies and wrestling on television and play video games.“I am very motivated and would like to continue striving and achieving in my life,” says the young innovator.


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