A Punching Machine with Hole-Reinforcement Mechanism

Name : Tanmay Takale 9415tanmay-takale

District & State :  Pune, Maharashtra

Award :   Class 11th – 12th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2015 Awards

Award Year : 2015

Innovation Description

IPR Status

9317Punching-machine-with-hole-Often, the holes punched on a paper get torn if the filed paper is frequently taken out and put back in the file. To solve this problem, Tanmay has proposed a punching machine with a hole reinforcement mechanism so that the punched holes last longer and do not tear off from inside. The machine not only punches holes in the paper but also attaches a ring-like sticker on the hole to keep the paper from tearing.

When he was in class 10, Tanmay had to file a lot of study papersbefore exams. He realized thatit took a long time to punch the papers and most of the papers tore as soon as he filed them.

That is how the idea of a punching machine with a hole reinforcement mechanism was born. The machine can punch the paper and automatically apply a sticker to keep the paper from tearing.

Tanmay’s hobbies include playing football,sketching and reading books.“I want to keep innovating things to make the lives of people easier. I believe that one should dream big and work hard. Hard work pays off,” says Tanmay, who used to spend sleepless nights working on his innovations.

Tanmay’s father works with a manufacturing company while his mother is an insurance agent.He has a younger sister and shares that when the IGNITE 2015 awards were announced, it was his grandmother who was the happiest.


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