Water Filter / Purifier at Source

Name : Soring Lepcha5208lepcha

District & State :  North, Sikkim

Award :   upto class 8th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2015 Awards

Award Year : 2015

Innovation Description

IPR Status

3458Water-filterMost people today prefer to use a water filter/purifier at their home. Soring and Subash have given idea to have filter/purifier at the source of water so that everyone has access to clean water without having to make an investment in purchasing a filter/purifier.

Soring’s idea is to have a centralised purification system at the point of distribution, like water tank. Whenever Soring opened the tap of drinking water at his school, dirty water would flow. He encountered the same problem at other places he went. This made him think of a solution, in the form of a filter that can be installed in the water tank or at the main source of the water so that people do not have to install water filters inside their homes at expensive rates.
Soring aspires to become a police officer when he grows up. His parents run a grocery store and he has a younger brother. At school, his favourite subject is history and in his free time, Soring likes to play football.


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