Posthumous Award for Promoting Innovation

Name : Late Chandrakant V PathakCV-pathak
District & State : Pune, Maharashtra
Category : Utility
Award : Posthumous
Award Function : 8th National Grassroots Innovation Awards
Award Year : 2015

Innovator Profile

CV-pathak-innInnovation Description

Hailing from Satara district of Maharashtra, Chandrakant V Pathak was a serial innovator, social entrepreneur and a dedicated social worker. Not only did he himself develop various utility machines for common people, he helped upgrade technical skills of thousands of school dropouts, contributed to many social causes and promoted science, technology and innovation among the common people.

Chandrakant completed his schooling at Satara only. Since childhood he was quite creative and had a keen sense of observation. He kept on experimenting something or the other. His interest in tools and machineries made him pursue engineering. He worked in various setups in Maharashtra and Gujarat for a few years and then returned back to Pune, where he had relocated.

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