Herbal Medication for Bloat in Animals

Name : Yashwantbhai Gauli, Sudhakarbhai Gauli, Smt. Yasodaben Chaudharibloat-yashodaben-yashwantbhai

District & State :  Dang, Gujarat

Category : Herbal products

Award :   National

Award Function :   7th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2013

Innovation Description

leaves-clip-art-leaves-clipBloat is the buildup of gas in the rumen of cattle. It is produced as a part of the normal digestive process and is released by belching. However, it may become discomforting and sometimes life threatening for animals. Yashodaben (42), Yashwantbhai (61) and Sudhakarbhai (50) are traditional herbal healers who administer herbal medicines for bloat.

The problem Ruminants have an active population of micro-organisms in their fore stomach, which help in digestion especially of fibers. During the process of digestion, these micro-organisms produce large quantities of gas, which must be expelled. This happens through belching. Bloat occurs when this mechanism gets inhibited somehow resulting in the increase in the rate of production of gas than the rate of gas expulsion. These three herbal healers from a backward district of Gujarat have developed herbal formulations for treating bloat in animals. An elaborate search of literature did not yield any reference of the usage of the said local herb to treat bloat. The claims were validated at Nagpur Veterinary College where the medication was found to normalize pH and reduce gas accumulation. It was also found that the uneasiness and restlessness of the treated animals disappeared and they appeared alert. Subsequently, NIF filed a patent (1923/MUM/2006) for the same.


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