Windmill Having Different Design of Blades

Name : T Bhoomaiah Chary7479t-bhoomaiah-chary

District & State :  Nizamabad, Telangana

Category : Ecofriendly Green/Energy conservation

Award :   Idea

Award Function :   6th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2012

Innovation Description

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5933t-bhoomaiah-chary-inno.jpgBhoomaiah Chary (44), a goldsmith by profession, is a prolific innovator. He has conceived an idea of developing a wind mill having blades in the shape of hollow prism and made of flexible tiers/flaps. He has also built a small model.

Only class 10th pass, Bhoomaiah Chary has filed over one and a half dozen patent applications for several of his innovations.  Concerned with the ever growing energy crisis, he thought of making a low cost windmill to address the issue. He envisioned the windmill having blades in the shape of hollow prism. The prism would have flexible angled tiers/flaps, which may become straight vertically due to the pressure of air and help in fetching maximum energy from the air. The blades would be connected to a shaft attached to an alternator/dynamo through a set of gears.

Prior Art Search discloses different designs of blades unlike that thought of by Bhoomaiah Chary. Only comparable alternatives available are conventional horizontal axis or vertical axis windmills. But this design is different from both of them and seems to utilize the air pressure more efficiently.  Patent has been filed by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) in Bhoomaiah Chary’s name (1137/CHE/2011).

Even though only proof of concept has developed till date, it seems to have great potential for electricity generation (community/individual model) and water lifting and may be worth trying with the cost of failure being so low and the stakes high. Bhoomaiah Chary is a very passionate man and dreams to make an air filter, which would help in breathing healthy.

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