Rain Water Syringe: A Novel Approach of Water Conservation

Name : K J Antoji104_0076

District & State :  Cochin, Kerala

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   5th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2009

Innovation Description

104_0078Antoji lives in the coastal area of Cochin, where the ground water is saline. Once, while watering his garden the hose pipe fell down and pierced the soil up to 30 cm due to water pressure. This triggered the thought about developing a rain water harvesting technique using the pressure of water. In his system the roof top rainwater is stored in a pressure tank. With the help of PVC pipes,it is injected to a depth below sea water level. The injected fresh water recharges and dilutes the groundwater. When required, the water can be pumped out from a recharged well.

Antoji has installed over 160 rain water injecting systems in different areas of coastal Kerala.


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