New Gram Variety Sushil Laxmi

Name : Balasaheb Patilbalashaheb

District & State :  Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Category : Plant varieties

Award :   State

Award Function :   4th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2007

Innovation Description

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balasaheb_innovationBalasahib Patil (39) has developed a high yield dual poded gram variety, which is more stable under both irrigated and rain fed conditions and has better fodder yield than the locally popular varieties.His family consists of his father, mother, wife and a baby daughter. His father was also an agriculturist and owned 14 acres of land. Sugarcane was grown in seven acres and on the remaining seven acres, they cultivated wheat and gram.Hasur, his native village is a medium sized one with a population of about 2800 people primarily engaged in agriculture. Various crops grown here are sugarcane, tomato, wheat, banana and gram. The village has underground sewage system since 1960 and has even won a state award for cleanliness. In 1966, his village got an irrigation system, which pumped water from nearby river and delivered water to the farms using cooperative pipelines.Balasahib is jolly natured and was naughty as a child, not much interested in studies. Swimming was his passion and his favorite past time was hanging out in groups with friends. Since childhood, the only thing he was interested in was agriculture. He started going to the fields only at the age of 15 years. He discontinued his studies after class ninth to pursue his dream of being a good agriculturist. Around the same time, his brother started a rice-puffing mill, which meant he had to allot most part of his time in agriculture rather than studies.

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