Grafting in Lemon

Name : Mr. Rajabhai Ghusabhai Harkhanirajabhai

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   Appreciation

Award Function :   1st National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2001

Innovation Description

raja_innovationMr. Rajabhai, 45 years old has studied upto the 10 standard. He has total four hectares of land. Once when he went to pick a lemon, he got hurt due to the throns in the plant. So the thought of developing a variety of this plant without throns and thus started his experiment. The farmer worked for seven years on this variety and now has 250 trees out of it.

Grafting In Lemon:

For making the cutting, mud and plastic bags are used. The farmer worked for making this, for seven years and now has 250 trees of it. Normally lemon fruit has 8-10 seeds and its tree has many thorns. So the innovator did crossed lemon flowers with orange flowers, the resulted hybrid plant had less seeds, but the sourness of lemon fruit went away. So he then crossed “Bijora” (a dry fruit) flower and sowed the resulted hybrid seeds. The hybrid plant thus developed was seedless and had no thorns on its tree.

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