Visually challenged friendly navigation facilitation system

Name : Lina Swain | Purba Biswas | Rahul Biswal8520Aditi-Bagri

Class : 8 | 12 | 12

District & State :  Bhubaneshwar, Odisha | 24 South Parganas, West Bengal |
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Award :   IGNITE

Award Function :   IGNITE 2018 Awards

Award Year : 2018

Innovation Description : 

16_gadjet-that-helps-suffeeTo help the blind people walk around easily, the idea of students is to have navigation poles across the city to help the blind move around freely. The poles are identified through sensors and have tactile/ braille signage for directions as well as audio instructions. They also suggest incorporating three different musical tones in traffic light system for the three lights, which helps the blind identify the correct traffic signal. They also want smart guiding tiles on all walkways and at crossroads so that they can feel the grooves in the tiles with their sticks and navigate easily.

Lina has a lot of interest in blind cricket tournaments, reading books and using computers at leisure time. She had taken an initiative to form a blind women cricket team and has also won Man of the match awards several times. She wants to be an athlete, a cricketer and a good teacher. Purba likes listening to different kinds of music, and is a trained classical dancer. She wants to be an IPS Officer and work against eve teasing & corruption. Rahul likes swimming and playing lawn tennis. He is a national level air rifle shooter and aspires to become a pilot.

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