Automatic fungus/algae cleaning machine

Name : Sneharakhi Apat | Mohi Diwan8520Aditi-Bagri

Class : 8 | 11

District & State :  BBhubaneswar, Odisha I Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh

Award :   IGNITE

Award Function :   IGNITE 2018 Awards

Award Year : 2018

Innovation Description : 

16_gadjet-that-helps-suffeeFungus growth is often seen on walls during monsoons. Not only these
spoil the aesthetics of the room/home but are harmful for the health too
especially for people with allergy or asthma. Sneharakhi’s idea is to
develop a device that can scrap and suck the green algae growing on the
walls of home, in pathways and other places. Mohi suggests having a
machine, which can clean the fungus automatically.

While Sneharakhi likes painting and wants to become a doctor when she
grows up. Mohi enjoys dancing and wants to become a civil servant so
that she could serve the society.

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