Assistive spectacles for the deaf with voice to text conversion and display feature

Name : Madhav Ajay Lavakare

A J Surya

Class : 12

District & State :  Delhi

Award :   IGNITE

Award Function :   IGNITE 2018 Awards

Award Year : 2018

Innovation Description : 

A J Surya

This is a small smart spectacle that converts speech to text and displays it on the screen of the glass to enable a hearing impaired understand (by reading) what the other person is saying. The hearing-impaired community is often disregarded and isolated from mainstream society, and there is no accessible solution for them to easily integrate into the mainstream. This innovation is born out of a desire to solve this problem and to create an affordable, scalable, and inclusive solution to the  communication gap between the hearing-impaired and the hearing-enabled.

Madhav is an avid tinkerer and maker, and loves to build things to solve problems. He is passionate about using technology with empathy to create an impact on society. He also loves to play the piano, football, tennis, and do coding. He wants to become an entrepreneur and start a company that creates products which can solve  major problems and has a great impact on the society.


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