Innovative and low cost bed with detachable wheel chair

Name : Arushi Tandon


Class : 12

District & State :  Kolkata, West Bengal

Award :   IGNITE

Award Function :   IGNITE 2018 Awards

Award Year : 2018

Innovation Description : 


Arushi has designed a modified bed where a wheelchair has been incorporated. With a few easy adjustments, this integrated wheelchair can be separated from the bed, thereby making it easy for the patient or bed ridden person to be moved. Moreover, this wheelchair is built to slide over the commode so as to eliminate another transfer. This idea is her effort to help her grandmother who was immobile.

Arushi is an athlete and plays the piano. She also writes poems and has published two books and received a scholarship from CCRT, Ministry of Culture for creative writing. She wants to study biology and biomedical engineering to further her work and  develop such innovations.

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