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The Republic Day of India celebrated as the day on which we the people of India gave to ourselves the Constitution and recognized ourselves as republic is one of the most prominent national occasions. It is celebrated on January 26th, the day on which, in the year 1950, after 3 years of rigorous toil and brainstorming by the leaders of our nation, the Indian Constitution was enacted.

Republic Day is notably one of the most defining events in Indian polity and governance. The Constitution of India not only lays down the fundamental rights afforded by an Indian citizen but also how the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature is supposed to function. In a way, the Republic Day, is the day we gave to ourselves a rule book which prescribes rules that makes the whole nation function in an organized, uniform and civil manner.

We celebrate Republic Day to commemorate the efforts of the framers of the Indian Constitution and to remember that the Indian Government and Administration is a public matter and not a private affair; as the famous saying goes it is ‘for the people, by the people and of the people’.

Thus, in an effort to spread awareness about the importance the Indian Constitution and the Rights, Duties and Functional Procedures that it entails, IP4Kids, a CSR initiative of S.S. Rana & Co., is organizing an Essay Competition on the 70th Republic Day.


Interested young minds are encouraged to focus on the theme of competition and come up with Essays on the following subjects –

For Students of Classes VIII-XII: (Category A)

  1. Impact of Chandryaan Mission on the future of Science and Technology in India
  2. Technology a bridge to Outer Space
  3. Smart classes better than traditional teaching methods?
  4. The rise of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges of Change
  5. Right to privacy in the Technological Era

For Students of Classes IV-VII: (Category B)

  1. Who is your favorite superhero and how can he save India? (Make your own superhero or use an existing one)
  2. Climate Change and what should be done?
  3. Is mobile and computer gaming replacing outdoor activities?
  4. Importance of traffic rules and regulations.
  5. Nationalism in Independent India.

Last date for Submission- (January 17, 2020)



  1. Only school students who fall within the class categories are invited to submit their essays focusing on themes provided.
  2. The competition is open only to students belonging to the following Categories –

Classes: VIII to XII – Category A

Classes: IV to VII – Category B


  1. The deadline for submissions of essays is January 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM IST.
  2. No submissions will be entertained post the above-mentioned deadline.

Judging Manner:

Qualified Experts and Judges appointed by IP4kids and S.S. Rana & Co. will select the 3 best essays in each category based on:

  1. The inclusion of the theme in the essay.
  2. The relevance of the subject matter of the essay.
  3. The language and thought process of the essay.
  4. The conclusion of the essay.

The decision and declaration of the winner(s) for the competition shall be at the sole discretion of IP4kids and S.S. Rana & Co.

Result Declaration:

The winners will be announced on the IP4kids website available at around January 27, 2020.

Rules for Participation:

  1. All entries are to be uploaded at the Portal or mailed at No physical entries shall be accepted.
  2. The participants shall mention the following on the front page of the Essay in bold letters
    1. Name of the participant(s);
    2. Name of the School;
    3. Contact details including phone number and postal address;
    4. Participants should mention “Title of the Essay” & “IP4Kids – Republic Day Essay Competition” as the first page title;
  3. Entries must be original and in English or Hindi language only.
  4. Only a single entry will be accepted from one person. Co-authorship (up to 2 authors) is also permitted.
  5. The competition is open to essays of up to 1,000 words. Entries outside the word limitation will be disqualified.
  6. The subject matter (content) of the essay must not contain any obscene matter or language.
  7. IP4kids and S.S. Rana & Co. accepts no responsibility for entries lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged or undelivered. Incomplete and/or illegible entries will be disqualified.
  8. The essay shall be disqualified if it is plagiarized. Due credit should be given to the concerned author and/or publisher(s) as source or in Bibliography and/or Reference.
  9. The copyrights of the winning essays shall vest with IP4kids and S.S. Rana & Co.
  10. All entries are to be sent only in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or .pdf format.


  1. The Awards would be given to the top three students in each category.
  2. The winners will be awarded with exciting prizes.
  3. Other deserving participants shall also be presented with certificates.
  4. For further information, please write to us at or call us at 91-11-4012 3000.

Disclaimer: The competition strictly adheres to standard and respectful use of the National Flag, Emblem, and any symbol depicting the Republic of India and urge the students to adhere to the same. All images used in the course of this competition are post due diligence and does not infringe upon any copyright, as such usage falls under the provision of fair use for educational purpose under the copyright laws.  

Note: The competition intends to provide a platform to the students to share their views and to raise IPR awareness among them. The decision of the Judges shall be final. The organizers of the competition reserve all rights to change the date of announcements of the results and/or the date of announcements and publication of the results. The organizers also reserve the rights to withdraw any or both categories of awards if the entries thus received do not meet the aforesaid criteria. The organizers also reserve all the rights for Publication and reproduction of essay/write ups, due credit in this regard shall be given to the author(s).

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