Foot operated tea making table for differently abled people

Name : Sabuj Saikia, Kaustav Moni Malakar 986228-2

District & State :  Kamrup, Assam

Award :   ignite

Award Function :   IGNITE 2017 Awards

Award Year : 2017

Innovation Description

foot-operated-tea-making-maSabuj and Kaustav have developed a foot operated tea making table for differently abled people. They noticed that there are quite a few assistive aids to help the differently abled move around, but hardly any to equip them financially. Tea is widely consumed in Assam and by the road sides they are numerous small tea stalls, which generate income for many. By developing an assisting table operated by foot, they want to create an opportunity for differently abled people who can be financially independent through their innovation.

In order to take their idea forward they wish to commercialize their innovation. They also hope that the government will support the initiative so as to enable people with disability live with dignity. Sabuj and Kaustav aspire to excel in the field of energy and computer science respectively.

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