School bag with foldable wheeled legs to distribute load

Name : Sahil Raja, Md. Sahanawaz Hussain, Nasiruddin Kabir, Arnab Ghosh 96748-4

District & State :  Murshidabad, West Bengal

Award :   Idea

Award Function :   IGNITE 2017 Awards

Award Year : 2017

Innovation Description

8-school-bag-with-foldable-Tired of carrying heavy school bags, the children have thought about an idea to have foldable wheels attached to school bags so that part of the weight can be transferred to the ground while children carry their bags to/from the school.

Arnab likes to draw, paint and play cricket. He also enjoys writing stories and wants to become a doctor to serve people. Sahanowaj also likes cricket, writes poems and wants to become a software engineer. Like his friends, Nasiruddin is also an ardent cricket fan. He has an interest in science and wants to pursue medical. Sahil like to read a lot and play badminton; he also wants to become a doctor.

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