Foot-Operated Door Opening Mechanism

Name : Jayprakash B Rathava7428Jayprakash

District & State :  Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Award :   Class 11th – 12th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2015 Awards

Award Year : 2015


Innovation Description

IPR Status

5248foot-operated-opening-door Opening the door knob of a public restroom using hands may not be very hygienic. An idea of a mechanism through which a door can be opened by activating a sensor using a leg. While this mechanism is most useful in public toilets, it can also be used elsewhere and may beuseful for the physically disabled or someone carrying load in both hands.

One day Jayprakash was travelling from his hometown in Bamroli village to Gandhinagar in a bus when he saw a man with noarms, trying to get aboard the bus. However, he could not open the door of the bus in time and missed the bus. This incident left a huge impression on Jayprakash’s mind. When he reached his hostel in Gandhinagar that day, he kept thinking about that man and how difficult his life would be.
“The foot operated door mechanism will allow people to turn door knobs with their foot, thus avoiding the spread of germs. It will also help the disabled in using public restrooms and other places without much difficulty,” says Jayprakash, who likes to play kabbaddi and loves to travel. Hemakes sure never to miss school picnicsand tours.
“When I grow up, I want to make a lot of money and then travel the world,” says Jayprakash, whose father is a farmer and mother is a homemaker. He has a brother and two sisters.Whenever he is back in his village, he helps his father in farming.

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