Key With Light, Shaving Brush And Razor With Light

Name : Ashish R. Sadiyaashishsadiya-6th-innovator

District & State :  Porbandar, Gujarat

Category : Ecofriendly Green/Energy conservation

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   6th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2012

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ashishsadiya-6th-invAshish (24) has develop many small, simple but practical gadgets, which include a key with a light so that one can see lock’s hole while unlocking it at night and a ‘brush and razor with light’, to help a person shave in dark. He has numerous other ideas to his credit as well.

He is a serial innovator from Gujarat. After class ten, he took admission in a diploma course in electronics and communication but could not complete it due to financial problems. He also enrolled briefly in a one year certificate course in automobile engineering but left it to join as an assistant in a medical store. Later, he started working in a car showroom.

Ashish’s mind is continuously buzzing with new ideas. Some of his interesting innovations are mentioned below.

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