Herbal Formulation for Treating Fracture in Animals

Name : Mogjibhai Manjibhai Damormogjibhai-6th-innovator

District & State :  Panch Mahals, Gujarat

Category : Herbal products

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   6th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2012

Price :   NA

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leaves-clip-art-leaves-clip“Even at odd hours in midnight, if someone knocks my door, I can sense what intensity of pain would have led him to me and hence I never mind to help and render my service  to cure him” 

Addhi ratre koi maro darwajo khakhdave, to hu samji saku chu ke amne ketlu asahay dard che ke addhi ratre mane jagade che, tyare hu kai pan kari ne amne madad karvani faraj bajavis.

Popularly known as “Sadhu Vedic” in neighbouring villages for his herbal knowledge, Mogjibhai Manjibhai Damor (54) has developed various herbal formulations for curing diseases in animals and human beings, of particular mention being the medicine for treating fracture in animals.

Mogjibhai is an illiterate farmer possessing two acres of land from which he earns the living for his family of seven. Along with farming, he is also engaged in providing his services to cure animals and humans from diseases without any selfish motive. His wife is also illiterate, but she has closely observed her husband and learnt many things from her. So much so that if Mogjibhai is not around, she can provide a suitable remedy for certain ailments. Mogjibhai has developed a number of formulations for animals, human and plants like for bloat, fracture, diarrhoea in animals, for pest control in plants and diarrhoea in human beings. He has been serving the community of nearby fifteen villages for over twenty five years now with all his knowledge.


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