Sago Roasting Machine

Name : V. Krishnakrishnanv-6th-innovator

District & State :  Salem, Tamil Nadu

Category : Engineering

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   6th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2012

Price :   NA

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krishnanv-6th-invKrishnan (54), a farmer from Salem has developed a machine for sago rice roasting, which saves time, works efficiently and solves labour problems as well.

The innovator lives in the tapioca belt of South India and Sago rice is derived from tapioca (cassava). Tapioca root is the basic raw material for sago and starch. Conventionally the TAWA or pressure cookers are used for roasting/cooking the sago rice, which is a time consuming and tedious process. Hygiene and quality issues are also there. Krishnan has developed a cauldron (kettle) shaped roasting pan with oscillating arms for turning /churning the sago rice. The pan is coated with Teflon material to avoid the sticking of sago rice. The processed and sized sago rice balls are roasted in this device. The arms ensure that the roasted rice is moved to the basket from where it can be packaged.

Krishnan developed this machine for his own use at the cost of Rs. 5.5 lakh INR. Prior art search did not disclose any method except roasting on hot plates at about 100 degree Celsius for about 6 to 8 minutes. NIF has filed patent (2091/CHE/2011) in his name for the machine.

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